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Sriracha-Almond Fit Sauce is delicious AND healthy!


Dip’d Sriracha-Almond Fit sauce is perfect on a salad, rice bowl, or as a marinade for your protein of choice. We personally love it on our avocado toast. It gives the best of everything - it’s spicy, savory, and sweet without the guilt! Watch out, it will become your favorite before you know it!


Nutrition Info: Serving: 1 Tbsp. Calories: 47 cals. Fat: 3g. Carbs: 8g. Fiber: 5g. Sugar: 3g. Added sugar: 1g. Sugar alcohols: 0g. Protein: 2g. Servings per container: 32.


Fit Blend per Serving: 2250mg total. Ashwagandha: 500mg. Glutamine: 500mg. Arginine: 500mg. Cordyceps: 250mg. L-Theanine: 200mg. Ginseng: 200mg. Magnesium: 100mg.

Sriracha-Almond Fit Sauce

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