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Memphis BBQ Fit Sauce is delicious AND healthy!


Dip'd Fit Memphis BBQ is our healthy and delicious rendition of the best BBQ sauce in the country. With it's smokey and savory balance, it's a sauce even Elvis would love! We recommend this sauce with pork and. chicken, but it would be great for veggies too!


Nutrition info: Serving: 1 Tbsp. Calories: 10. Fat: 0g. Carbs: 6g. Fiber: 4g. Sugar:2g. Added sugar: <1g. Sugar Alcohols: 0g. Protein: 0g. Servings per container: 32.


Fit Blend per Serving: 2250mg total. Ashwagandha: 500mg. Glutamine: 500mg. Arginine: 500mg. Cordyceps: 250mg. L-Theanine: 200mg. Ginseng: 200mg. Magnesium: 100mg.

Memphis BBQ Fit Sauce

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